Best Things About Air Conditioning Repair

So once we have some residue it ‘ll knock that number down just under two ounces left in here one ounce is roughly CC’s so we’ll try to leave a little shy of one ounce in there and that’ll put us in the ballpark so we know we have less than our and we have more than. read more @

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So we were within we’re within our range okay so one of the other things we came across doing this repair as the connectors everything was pretty brittle had the one the vehicle side harness it completely came apart so purchased through Auto Parts Direct you. we have a new compressor clutch pigtail.

It comes with both sides so we have both sides of the brand-new connector now AC Repair¬†we do have a new one on our new compressor so we only would have to replace one side now the connector fell apart so we don’t have to solder in heat shrink a new connector we can just use the actual connector piece leaving the wire and pen so we have our new one here so that’ll be how it is there all right so we have the connector came with both sides.

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This was the compressor like we talked about the new compressor came with that one so we’re not concerned about that it was broken but the new one came with it this would be for the vehicle harness side we already have removed the tabs. Where we can pull the connector out of the harness there is a little spot for a screw driver to push in where to lower a tab and then it pulls out the back side there so we will just take our new connector over to the vehicle and ac-repair reinstall.